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I'm still not a rapper
I'm out of my element
I can't simply speak in a
rhyme just for the ___ of it
I can't say what's on my mind and make it
poetic, prophetic, direct or indirect
it all spills out pathetic

pathetic synthetic lives
we spend our time
whining about so-called problems
that effect our so-called rights
you say, technology let you down again?
man, I'd like to see you invent something
the next time you feel so entitled.

vitally entitled,
I think that should be the title of
our impatient generation
or at least the motto,
but then, what the heck do I know
when the only book around here left to read
is a streaming wall of faces spewing bile? it's a
dramatic, grammatic, exaggerant
steaming pile of excrement.
What will be next, once it's annihilated?
Maybe we'll all go back to living our lives,
but more likely we'll find a new way to "like" and violate this one

It's alive and impersonal
This is alive and impersonal
Coming at you alive and impersonal
This is alive and impersonal
It's irreversible.

This is
alive and impersonal
we graduated from debate team
without any argument or hesitation
Just stated the first thing that came to mind
It happened to be right
or at least compelling enough for us to accept for a short time
A sure sign of intelligent life
like grabbing that mic
and spitting in it right
but we're doing it wrong
when the songs don't have any meaning
but the kids still sing along

with every hip hop and pop and rock and whatnot tantrum anthem
spamming the radio waved handgun
can't get their attention?
riddle them with ritalin and make them understand

this is a classic fight
Under the glow of neon lights
let's rent innocence for 2 cents
we know what they want, so we'll pass it right
in front of their face til the bait they bite
we reel them in til they're hooked for life
they loose their mind or they loose their sight
still we ask stupid questions like

Dear internet,
tell me if I should like this music
tell me if I really do like this music
tell me if I'm allowed to like this music
how can I know what's good if you don't do this?

It's alive and impersonal
This is alive and impersonal
Coming at you alive and impersonal
This is alive and impersonal
It's irreversible.

If creation is a joke
then I guess you and I are the punchline
If survival of the fittest explains our existence
how is any american still alive

We thrive on dependence
rely on the fence
to hold us high enough to pretend we've already found heaven
We take pride in the fact
we don the brazen faith of
the united states of an arrogant wasteland

and I am no acceptation

but I'm sorry, I can not apologize
for acknowledging the way we devalue this life
Whether I speak or I keep what I think inside me
You'll find sleeping giants all rise when it's time

but there's time
We're alive and this life is designed
for far more than our minds could ever try to realize
so stop the presses
our words aren't impressive
let's honor the author and live our life left less

It's alive and impersonal
(when everything we know is everything we don't)
This is alive and impersonal
(when mind control can be bought and sold so low)
Coming at you alive and impersonal
(we manufacture worlds and we recycle souls)
This is alive and impersonal
It's irreversible.



all rights reserved



SMOTZ Aledo, Illinois

Family man by day... thought criminal by night... musician when I feel like it.

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