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Cancelled Culture




Man it’s a good thing that I’m flexible
If you been watching long enough you know my best move
Is to be reaching around painting black targets on my back
so that the next hack finds me accessible

An open book, if you’re looking for a thread to pull
You might find your free time finally eventful
But as you pull and pull just know that at the end of that thread
You might not like what you’ve exposed

All you children hiding in your parents’ attic
attacking the baddest. sad that your heroes all became “problematic”
Picking apart their every single word like it’s a habit
and happy to manufacture the truth just to push your status

it’s a passion for pain, a fashion of rage,
a lack of a shame that only makes you a flash in the pan

Can you Imagine a day with actual sane
And sober individuals? That’s pitiful.
Lets bash in their brains

Some men just like to watch the world burn
From Their safe space never learn
Never grow up. Save face Never show.
You will know them by the way they hide and fold up

And if they ever finally shoot me in the back
They’ll have to admit that they were always behind me
Firing blindly trying to find an attack
That would leave a mark
While admiring my scraps

The only thing you’ve ever made is people angry
Only human contribution is your silence
Kind of funny how you think that you’re a movement
Beating up your neighbor while you’re saying words are violence

I guess it’s not your fault the public school system failed you
You were trained for the jail or the military.
Still drinking the koolaid that you were raised to crave
I’m thinking for myself and I know that that that’s scary

All your mirrors are broken
You can’t see yourself
Since you just wanna be noticed
Take your shit to show and tell
I know you’re scared all the other
Kiddies in the class might laugh at you
Like you’ve been doin to everybody else
So you keep being soulless
I’ll keep being real

Yeah I’ll keep being real for the thrill of it.
Always the weird kid passed up in the line for kick ball
The difference is between you and me, I grew up and knew that
I needed to get some balls of my own

So you can call me the words you want
That’ll never change the way I see the world, ‘cause you’re of
Zero consequence to me, or my fam, or my wife,
Or my house, or my life, all the things that I am that you want.

How come everybody always acting out and
Talking ‘bout their problems that they’re
Causing and their cashing out
With no intent on solving, like their
Passion is to pass all of their fabricated sadness
Off on all of us and call us all “fascists”

Y’all look so uncomfortable
From your aim, to your shot, to your trigger pulls
To you cocky nameless copy zombie face
Online. ‘Bout time y’all check my pulse

‘Cause to be honest I feel bad for you.
Special extended education was just a tool
For slowly chipping away at your brain and your wallet
Now you’re more in debt and you’re more of a fool

Now I’ll be over here doing my thing and my thing and
When you’re ready to talk, just let me know
Until then, just stay the hell up out of my lane
Or take your place back there. It’s more comfortable.

Don’t ever take advice or critique from a guy that’s less successful
Whenever they tell their lies, just you let it remind you you’re right just to press on


Sure, keep focusing on me. I’ll be right here doing the same.
You can say that I’m nobody. How come you know my name?
Sure, keep focusing on me. I’ll be right here doing the same.
I know misery loves company and you need someone to blame

Baby I hope you brought
Enough self hatred to share with the class but
If not then you can just take that shit back
On over to your little comfort bubble hole and hold it
Only show it when it’s for laughs

‘Cause I’m going insane and I’m holding my brain
And the acetaminophen is not enough to be
Dulling the pain that I’m full of from all of your
fully automatic halfwitted acts

Of regression oppressing the brains of the masses
Attacking their literal common sense and getting
Offended by every word that you heard from the
Fact-less and feckless fake media

Fabrication that’s making you out as heroes as you’re throwing
The punches and holding the bats
I’m sorry you’re life is not a comic book
In the real world only the villains wear masks


released March 3, 2021
Written and performed by SMOTZ: smotz.com

Beat produced by James TenNapel

Mixed & mastered by Travis Harms of
Charm Media Group: charmmediagroup.com


all rights reserved



SMOTZ Aledo, Illinois

Family man by day... thought criminal by night... musician when I feel like it.

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