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So if you see the tears in my eyes, you will know it's time
'cause I never show emotion like this and I'm
not about to start
unless i see the end of three years sneaking up on my heart.

I've thrown every last penny into wishing wells
and it might come true, it's just too early to tell
or i might write a check just to find i'm in debt.
I spent my last cent hoping that you'd come back to me.

This is all we've ever shown
'cause it's all we've ever known

The lights, the set,
The lies, the sex,
The life, the death,
The day that you left me
The height, the depth,
The right to reject,
The ride that sent me right over the edge and

Oh, baby baby, please tell me you hate me,
if it makes this easier for you.
Oh, baby baby, please burry me six feet deep,
if it makes it easier.

This is all we've ever shown
'cause it's all we've ever known

Sure, it's love in the movies, cutie
sue me, I'm just not an actor.
You can stab or shoot me
I am through defending a disaster.
The stage is set, but the star's not showing
so cue the canned laughter.
I think all the drama is
just starting to shoot through my head.

I'm taking a second to make a decision
to break up all faker relationships.
The greater deception the devil has told
is making me believe that you are not a witch.
You say that you gave me the key to your heart,
would you tell me what I should be doing with it,
just to make you perceive you're not better than me?
Just forget it, I've finally had it with all of this.

This is all we've ever shown
'cause it's all we've ever known



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SMOTZ Aledo, Illinois

Family man by day... thought criminal by night... musician when I feel like it.

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